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When you’re looking for exceptional hair extension installation in San Diego, look no further than SD Hair Extensions. We provide a premium experience with expert certified and licensed stylists using only high-quality material

How it started

Our journey in the world of hair care began in our home country of Russia. Our founders wanted to develop the knowledge and experience to offer transformational hair care to clients by taking the latest courses and earning certifications.

Soon afterwards, we moved to the United States. That same desire for education on the latest techniques moved with us when we set up shop in San Diego. During that time, we’ve taken master classes and specialization courses to hone our skills.

Innovative & always growing

We believe that education is an ongoing process. When you stop learning, you stop growing. That’s why we are consistently taking the latest courses to enrich our skill set.

Our ultimate goal has always been to help as many clients as possible. We are able to perform several diverse installation techniques to service a wide range of hair types: Tape-ins, Easy Tapes, Wefts, Fusion Micro Capsules and Fusion Regular Capsules

Diverse specializations

Our specialists have experience with many different hair types: thick, thin, wavy, curly - and everything in between! We also specialize in hair that is traditionally more difficult to install hair extensions in. Whether your hair is thin and sparse or very short, we can install hair extensions that work for you!

Highest Quality products

Any hair extension specialist knows that they are only as good as the product they’re working with. That’s why we use premium quality Slavic human hair in a variety of shades and styles. Each strand is all natural and 100% virgin, making it easy to style and comfortable to wear.

Our factory in Russia produces our own custom-made products in-house, including hand-tied tapes, wefts, clip-ins, and wigs. This allows us to ensure our clients are getting the best materials available.

Sharing the Knowledge

Our founder, Alena Sysoev, is always looking to share all of the knowledge she has acquired over the years. If you want to learn more about becoming a hair extension specialist, Alena offers an authorized Master’s Class. Follow this link to view the types of courses offered. Once you complete her course, you’ll have the confidence to expertly install hair extensions for any client!

Before & After Results

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