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What Hair Extensions Are Right for You?

SD Hair Extensions offers a huge variety of hair extensions for every texture and damage level. That being said, how do you know which of the many methods are right for you? From fusion microcapsules to classic tape-ins, there are a lot of options that each offer a different finished look. We’ll break down the pros and cons of all of the services offered here so that you know exactly what to choose when it’s time to make your appointment!


Tape In extensions are a classic method to adding length and volume to your hair quickly. It’s done using medical grade tape that attaches to your roots. By forming layers between your natural hair and the extensions, the tape can be completely hidden from view. These extensions are ideal for clients looking for a short-term simple solution to their hair length. They are also one of the cheapest extension methods, and one of the methods least likely to cause any damage to your hair.

Tape-in’s do limit some of the ways you can style your hair. It is harder to wear your hair in ponytails and other up-dos without the extension tape becoming visible. It also isn’t a great idea to wash your hair daily when wearing tape-in’s due to their fragility. Tape-in extensions don’t last as long as other methods and can come out early if not cared for properly.

Weft Micro Ring Extensions

Micro ring extensions are the next step up from regular tape-in extensions. Similar to a weave, wefts of hair are attached to a small micro ring bead that is coated in silicon. It is then sewn to your hair by pulling a piece of it through the ring and securing it with the bead. The silicon keeps it from slipping and protects your real hair from damage. This technique is great way to add volume and length to your hair while still allowing you to wear all of the styles you love.

It should be noted that the beads can feel strange for a first-time wearer, so there may be an adjustment period after they’re applied. Micro ring extensions will also need to removed by a professional when they are grown out to prevent damage from the rings sliding off of new growth.

Fusion Micro Capsules

Fusions Micro Capsule extensions are a great extension method for individuals with thin and/or damaged hair looking a seamless bond. They are done by using a special “hot fusion” technique, where keratin-tipped extension pieces are melted onto your existing hair, adding length instantly. Not only do these extensions last 2-4 months, but your typical hairstyles and routines work the same as always. This technique is used by celebrities and other high-profile individuals around the world thanks to its ability to completely conform to the client’s hair.

Fusion Micro Capsules are one of the more expensive extension options, however, this is due to the technique and skill required to apply them. If you choose an inexperienced stylist, they have the potential to damage your hair. However, the team at SD Hair Extensions is specially trained to execute this method perfectly every time.

No matter what extension you end up going with. You can trust the team at SD Hair Extensions to have you looking your best in no time. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more today.