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Fusion Micro Capsules Extensions

This technique is the best for girls with thin, damaged, bleached or extremely fine hair. Also can be used for mixed/ combined installation technique on the sides of the face for a very natural look. Can be worn 2-4 months after the installation.

What are Micro Fusion Installation ? Fusion bond extensions are also known as “hot fusion” extensions. Each extension has a keratin tip which is melted using an application tool. The soft keratin can then be shaped with your fingers and moulded around the client’s natural hair! 

Heat fusion is the Gold standard in hair extensions. Most professional, long term installation method. Technique that A-list Hollywood elite use. 

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From $750 to $1,050 for 100 grams of strands with installation (tax is not included in the price).

High efficiency, digital temperature control fusion machine now exist. The tool we use is a double-edged heat, that allows a more effective melt of the keratin. Using a sensor to activate the emission of heat waves only when required. This allows a quick, easy, and more secured application of our Russian hair extensions. Cuts the average application time down by 2-3 hours. 

Keratin bonds are attached to wearers natural hair using a heating element, that melts the bond to their hair. Keratin bonding tool, the tong is heated only on one side. The temperature which approximately the same temperature as the lowest setting on a standard curling iron. The bond soften and molds to your natural hair.  A silicone lining in the bond creates a barrier to protects the natural hair. The individual bonds are attached close to the scalp but with enough space to allow the hair & extension to move naturally/comfortably. This installation is clean and precise. Results are undetectable attachments that are brush-able, durable, NON-DAMAGING. 

K-Tip Fusion extensions are perfect for adding color, length, and volume with very minimal maintenance. This method gives the most natural, realistic and believable look and movement to the wearer’s hair. 

PROPER CARE Extensions can last up to 6 months with no additional salon visit or professional maintenance. 

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