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Hair Extensions San Diego

Most of us are looking for a way to spice up our look and enhance the beauty we already have. When you’re looking for top-notch hair extension installation in San Diego, SD Hair Extensions should be your go-to. Our expert specialists are committed to providing cutting edge services using top-of-the-line Slavic Human hair in a variety of shades and styles. All-natural, virgin strands are easy to style and comfort for everyday wear.

Our team is experienced with many different hair types, including thick and thin. We also have experience in working on short, layered, or wavy hair varieties. Whether you're looking for a new way to change up your look without chemicals or just want to add volume- we've got the solution!

High Degree of individuality is the difference between our products and standard kits sold in stores or online.

We are going to measure your head and make you a custom hair extension that accommodates any size of tailor hairstyle. Our wefts will never be too small, too large, or just right...they'll always fit perfectly!

It's the small details that make a big difference. For example, with your hair extensions, we can sew 50 grams of children’s hair in one weft for thickening or to create volume on top and thickness at the ends!

We can make a darkening of the root for small highlights or complex staining on the wefts. We can also do this with strands that are being extended, that is, completely repeat the pattern of staining

The hair is used the same as for extensions - completely natural, high quality with dense ends. Slavic premium or children's tresses will serve you for more than one year and they are easy to wash and style

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